This is not here, you are not reading this.

Unfortunately, apart from some OpenBSD stuff there's nothing here yet. Maybe if you come back a little later (say in 2108) you'll find more interesting content...

But, now that you're here anyway .. you might want to check out the pictures of me and my friend and (ex) co-worker Gerrit giving a Gold Record to the members of System Of A Down after their concert in the Heineken Music Hall on March 16, 2002. Pictures are available here.

For those interested I've put up a copy of my CV.

This website is available through ipv4 and through ipv6. Both work, but of course IPv6 gets you more kudos !

As a hardware geek, I buy lots of hardware at a local store. This hardware is usually "Moeilijk leverbaar"

I also sometimes play with other operating systems. During this playing around, I found an interesting bug in Apple's Mac OS X.

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